Work on the LGT site has stalled once again.

Partially due to waiting for new software for a bit, but also because I had to do a lot of server work lately.

Firstly there was the rocky upgrade that caused us to move from Amanda, to Amanda2, to Amanda3 (server names).

Then there was the OS and Software upgrade of another server I manage for someone else. Which actually helps me pay for our primary server.

So I’ve had a lot of good excuses.

I have done some good work in my opinion on skinning a “Joomla” version of the LGT site should in fact we choose to go with the Joomla/eFiction bridge, so the fact that PHP-Fusion/eFiction bridge is already themed no longer makes a big difference. I was able to mostly duplicate the style of the PHP-Fusion theme in the Joomla theme for those that have seen one or the other, or both…

Once the j!fiction (Joomla/eFiction bridge) is installed and running I will let a larger group of “alpha testers” in to view the sites to see what others think of each offering.

N-E-Ways, that’s the news for now.

Oh, for those that haven’t noticed I installed new submission/advanced search forms @ TGFiction.Net that were a work product of code I wrote for LGTales, so the new site is definitely helping the old sites TOO!

-Piper/Kirstyn Amanda Fox/PiggilyTails

Well things are progressing @ LGTales

You might not notice anything, as that big “firewall” of sorts is still up, but we are quite possibly going to SoftOpen or do a Technical Preview in the next week or so.

There are still a few small bugs, and a few quite large ones too, but we have started working on gathering approval to post some lovely stories, and have for the time being settled on a site format.

-HuGgLeS- and check back often!


LG Tales Cast of Charcters - The Girls

LG Tales Cast of Charcters - The Girls

P.S. The HuggleBugs MySQL database got corrupted during all the server moves a couple weeks back, and I hope have it restored, and the site working again shortly.

Still slow moving @ LG Tales… I’m waiting on something I’m afraid will never come…

I’ve been doing a bit of work on the graphic portions of the site, since I can’t do any of the “structural” work…


Other than that… Not much….

I need to get some work done on TGF, but I’ve been mostly useless the last week or so…

I need to get HuggleBugs Updated…

Hey, FictionMania is back.. YaY! (not really yay, but oh well)


Progress has all but halted on the LGTales site whilst we wait on a new bit of software to arrive… The author has promised to be releasing a new version soon, and I don’t want to get the site built with what we have now, only to dump everything and switch shortly in…

There is an update for the software that runs TGF that I need to run. IT’s a bugfix…. Someone recently complained about issues posting a new story, but others don’t seem to be having the issue, so I sent off the directions I wrote for how to post a story using the WYSIWYG editor….

I need to add stories to HuggleBugs site… There are quite a few to add. I’ve been taking a personal break from everything unless it’s been emergency work. We’re coming up on 1 year since this world lost Kim, and it’s just hard. It’s already been more than 1 year since she was in this house w/ me…


Pickles and I and some friends will be in Michigan City on June 11th, 2009 to remember her. Check my personal blog for soon to be posted details if you want to join us.

That’s about all I have for now. Sorry for the lack of visualy noticeable updates recently, but the servers have needed some emergency work, and I’ve needed some Piper time.

The sometimes lonely lil girl, surrounded by friends.

I’ve been doing even MORE work @ HuggleBugs.Net

Quite a few stories have been added… I chose to use the built in Story stuff with a few modifications. I will add RSS Feeds for HuggleBugs stories @ BCTS and TGF to another page. I will also add links to all other known sites where HuggleBugs stories exists..

I’m also toying with an idea suggested by a few of you, of a “Editor Connection” type site… Right now, it looks like said site might happen, in cooperation with BCTS and Stardust 🙂

Stay tuned for more info!


I have mad progress on converting the HuggleBugs, Ltd. Website from static HTML to Drupal. I recently had uploaded the Original HuggleBugs Rule-set as authored by KimEM, and have recently added all the Bio’s to the “About Us!” page on the new Drupal Site. I have also resurrected the loved, HuggleBugs logo!

The next step in migrating the HuggleBugs website, requires me to decide if all HuggleBugs stories should be posted @ TGF and then included @ HuggleBugs.Net via RSS, or if I should use the Drupal “stories” features like @ BCTS… I’ll post either here or @ HuggleBugs.Net when I figure that out!


Well, it’s been a long time since the StoryPortal Fiction Network has had a presence on the web. We’ve still been busy working in the backgrounds, and our original site TGFiction.Net (Previously known as StoryPortal) is still up and attracting new authors. We have several new projects in the works including a new Fiction site, and a joint project with Stardust and BigCloset TopShelf!

I would love to give some more info about upcoming projects, but I will wait till everything is ready for everyone to see!