I have mad progress on converting the HuggleBugs, Ltd. Website from static HTML to Drupal. I recently had uploaded the Original HuggleBugs Rule-set as authored by KimEM, and have recently added all the Bio’s to the “About Us!” page on the new Drupal Site. I have also resurrected the loved, HuggleBugs logo!

The next step in migrating the HuggleBugs website, requires me to decide if all HuggleBugs stories should be posted @ TGF and then included @ HuggleBugs.Net via RSS, or if I should use the Drupal “stories” features like @ BCTS… I’ll post either here or @ HuggleBugs.Net when I figure that out!


Well, it’s been a long time since the StoryPortal Fiction Network has had a presence on the web. We’ve still been busy working in the backgrounds, and our original site TGFiction.Net (Previously known as StoryPortal) is still up and attracting new authors. We have several new projects in the works including a new Fiction site, and a joint project with Stardust and BigCloset TopShelf!

I would love to give some more info about upcoming projects, but I will wait till everything is ready for everyone to see!