We are currently transferring backups of BigCloset to outside servers. Once that is complete we will order the old drive removed, and destroyed, and the new drive installed.

Once installed, it will take the data-center possibly some time to install the new OS on the drive, and then a bit of time after that, for me (Piper) to get things just right and as needed for BigCloset.

Please hang around, and I will post updates as often as I can.

-Piper, Joyce, Cat and BigCloset Staff.

Hi Everyone, while we wait on the data-center to do what they need to do with the primary BC server, and I wait to get started doing what I need to do, I have begun work on the VERY EARLY stages of a new project. As the title of this blog says, you may now upload Microsoft Word Open Document Format files (.docx NOT .doc).

This is VERY EARLY alpha stage development, which means it won’t always grab your lists, tables, headings, italics, etc, and Images.

While we do plan to support those features as time goes on, at the moment, we just wanted to get the basic stuff working.

It’s done the same as if you were uploading a TXT file, or a HTML file for our site. If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you’ve logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story. Just look for section labeled “ ” and click the “Browse” button, and then find your document on your HDD.


So we got BigCloset situated on EVA with a couple new HDD’s… We’ve got Eva’s websites on Magda, also with a new HDD… And we’ve got a couple more HDD’s to install in another system…

Everything seems stable for the time being, after spending the better part of 2 weeks tweaking settings, and load stabilizing as best we can.

We will still need to purchase new servers soon, and we will have a small bit of offline-time when we swap over then, but for now, I am HAPPY!

With luck, we will have time to get the SOLR/Search Service online this weekend and get BigCloset back to full features!

-Piper, Erin, Catrina, Sephrena, and all the BC Elves 🙂

BigCloset is currently being a roller-coaster.

We are working on things as fast as we can, but the server can’t keep up.

We are adding a CDN/Caching system external to our server (cloudflare) and are having issues with it.

We will keep you up to date.

Hi Everyone!

As you know, we were working on getting a new server to replace our current server. Well today, one of the HDD’s failed on that server.

We have backups and data, and are currently working on moving the site to a different server.

This is not our new server (which we haven’t purchased yet) but one of out other servers that normally hosts other sites.

We will update here periodically as we make progress on getting the site back online.

-Piper, Joyce, Cat and BigCloset Staf

Hi Everyone!
Cat and I have been working very hard on adding some new features and “usability” additions to LG Tales.

Probably the “biggest” and “newest” update to the site, is our new “Table of Contents” feature.

In the image provided you can see that the story “For My Princess” (a clickable link that takes you to the first chapter of the story) by “Cat Lochley” (a clickable link that takes you to Cat’s story page) is available not only to read online, but also to be downloaded as an ePub ebook. You can see that the story was last updated on the 16th of Febuary, 2012.

Cat has provided a nice summary, and book cover image for her story. You can see by the table of contents that “Chapter 1” is a ‘clickable link’ that will take you to that chapter, that there is currently “1 Review” for that chapter (also a clickable link) and that chapter 1 is 2704 words long.

You can see that the story takes place in the Pre-Victorian era (sometime before 1837) and that there are no content “Warnings”.

The primary Attributes of the story are “Caught with Consequences” and “Sweet and Sentimental” and that it’s currently rated for “All Visitors”.

While the story is currently “Not Completed” you will see that it is over 48,000 words long already, and has had over 13,000 reads.

I hope this little primer has encouraged some of you to come visit our site, and experience some new stories, for those authors out there, please don’t forget that we currently have a Story Challenge running!

And last but not least, for all those littles that feel lost here @ BigCloset, don’t forget that we have a full Bulletin Board / Forum for you to discuss your Story Stuff , Inner Thoughts , or just Random Stuff too! (but you need to Register and Login to see most of the Forums )


P.S. incase I didn’t mention the url enough above, here it is again 🙂 LG Tales — Stories

For those of you that love to read your stories offline on your .ePub compatible eBook reader (iPad, iPhone, Android, B&N Nook, Sony eReader, etc) you can now download .ePub versions of any of the stories currently posted @ TGFiction.Net thanks to a new modules we installed called ePubVersion. ePubVersion is a great little module that creates an .ePub book from either a single chapter, or all available chapters of a story and gives you a file named “Story_Title_[x”].epub” (for single chapters, x=the chapter number, for multiple chapters, x = the range of chapters available. This initial v0.7 release of the module does not currently support images, but the next version should support an option of downloading with or without images!

To use this new feature, just visit any available story, and click on “Story” or “Chapter” next to the “ePub” icon right under the “DisplayWord” icon in the top left corner of the page.

Please let us know your thoughts and feelings about this module, and let us know of any other features you would like us to add!