Quick Note, we are DEFINATELY spiking usage on the front end. I’ve seen load average spikes over 15.0 which means, 15 cores worth of usage basically. But it only has 3 real cores, and 3 fake cores (6 total threads). It’s been recovering mostly on it’s own, but I’m afraid with using PHP56 we WILL need the 2nd front end.

HHVM and PHP7 do a lot of redudant call optimizaions which is what makes it MUCH leaner process wise.


I have officially downgraded the cloud cluster. It’s now longer using PHP7 or HHVM since neither was providing a stable environment for which we could properly operate Bigcloset/Topshelf.

Belle (front end server) is now operationally running PHP5.6

Belle, can be switched over to HHVM for limited testing as needed as we try to track down HHVM issues and fix them in code, but right now, the full/operational stack is as follows.

Belle (Front End)

  • Apache 2.2
  • Memcached
  • PHP5.6 (remi stable release)
Ariel (Back End/DB Server)
  • Percona 5.6 (release 76.1 Revision 5759e76)
Things seem to be operating within acceptable limits at the moment. I’ve had things switched over for maybe 10 minutes at this point. The site is still fast in places, a bit slower in others. It is DEFINATELY stressing the front end server more. Jumping the load average from under 0.5 consistently to over 2.0 consistently.-Piper