For those of you that love to read your stories offline on your .ePub compatible eBook reader (iPad, iPhone, Android, B&N Nook, Sony eReader, etc) you can now download .ePub versions of any of the stories currently posted @ TGFiction.Net thanks to a new modules we installed called¬†ePubVersion. ePubVersion is a great little module that creates an .ePub book from either a single chapter, or all available chapters of a story and gives you a file named “Story_Title_[x”].epub” (for single chapters, x=the chapter number, for multiple chapters, x = the range of chapters available. This initial v0.7 release of the module does not currently support images, but the next version should support an option of downloading with or without images!

To use this new feature, just visit any available story, and click on “Story” or “Chapter” next to the “ePub” icon right under the “DisplayWord” icon in the top left corner of the page.

Please let us know your thoughts and feelings about this module, and let us know of any other features you would like us to add!