Well, before we get down to the updates at other sites, I thought I’d let everyone know, that LG Tales is OPEN!

Well, it’s BETA Open.

What this means is that we are allowing user sign ups, and story posting, and have begun importing our list of stories and authors that we already have permission to post.

What this also means is that what you see now, may not be what you see in a month, or even a week, or even a few days.

Things change fast. We find issues, or figure out how to make something better, and we fix it/change it.

It’s a lot of work to build a new fiction community, and we are trying to use our experiances from other sites to build tight knit niche community for those that only want to read the more innocent, mostly G rated stories as opposed to the X rated fiction that seems to have started dominating many fiction sites.

We have nothing against the more adult fiction sites, in fact, we applaud them for everything they do, heck, we even run one! But we decided there was a need for a different kind of place for people that didn’t have to worry about a story being correctly tagged with the right rating.

Now, this is not to say that there will never be stories with some more adult situations on LGT. We are mostly trying to weed out the one-handed-kink that to many of us, is like SPAM.

Now for the more mundane updates…

Due to the fact that one of the authors @ TGF seemed to be gathering a fair amount of spam comments on one of his stories, we took a day or so out of LGT development, and integrated an automagic spam filter into the comment system @ TGF. This new system shouldn’t look ANY different to normal users, and what it does is this. Every time you submit a review, TGF sends a copy of the review, along with your IP address and browser information to AKISMETAKISMET then takes the information, compares it to their database of known spam, and does it’s best to tag it as SPAM or not. If it comes back as spam, the poster is notified, and the comment is stored but NOT shown. The next step in the process is for an Administrator to check the postings marked as “SPAM” and verify their status.

This system was implemented using AKISMET and the AKISMET PHP 5 class by Alex. The next revision of our system will allow Authors to tag reviews as spam, just in case the AKISMET system misses one, but we are still working on a system to make sure that an author can’t exploit the system by marking all comments they don’t like as spam.

As of right now, this system is only implemented on TGF but it will be moved to LGT as soon as it’s fully finished. We will also be releasing this mod back to the eFiction community.

Now just so you know I haven’t forgotten, HUGGLEBUGS is on our list of things to do. It IS important to us, we just seem to be really busy lately.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, you can now follow The StoryPortal Fiction Network ( SPFN ) on Twitterhttp://twitter.com/spfn ). Not only will you get news updates from this site, but you will get STORY UPDATES from LG Tales and TGFiction.Net and even HuggleBugs.Net when it’s back online!