Still slow moving @ LG Tales… I’m waiting on something I’m afraid will never come…

I’ve been doing a bit of work on the graphic portions of the site, since I can’t do any of the “structural” work…


Other than that… Not much….

I need to get some work done on TGF, but I’ve been mostly useless the last week or so…

I need to get HuggleBugs Updated…

Hey, FictionMania is back.. YaY! (not really yay, but oh well)


One Thought on “Still Slow Moving….

  1. Sorry this was the first place I could leave a comment. Why can’t I visit the web site on my Kindle. I mean it’s nice that I can on my laptop but I am unable to do so on my Kindle is there some sort of problem that we aren’t being told about? Once again sorry but this was the first place I could leave a comment sense I got to finish cleaning up and try for a job where I applied at.

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