One of the longest steps in this whole process is one known as “Rebuild Permissions”. ย The BIGGEST issue with it was it seemed DESTINED to fail while the “WALL” was up, so to do it properly, we felt the need to take-down the wall and start letting people in.

Untill the permissions database is fully built, you will notice some stuff missing. Some OLDER stories will show up on the front page with new dates. Same with comments and such. But it IS being worked on.

The three of us pulled a Marathon 2/3 days getting this done, bulldozing every roadblock we ran into at full speed, and then rebuilding using the pieces left behind at each step.

I will post again here, and on BigCloset itself when it seems to be finished with it’s permission rebuild. and hopefully we can finish the lengthy process of fixing any lingering errors.

-Piper, Erin & Cat.

We are on the down-hill run at this point. I’m actually hoping to get some sleep tonite! ๐Ÿ™‚

Not all the new features will be available at the launch, but the site should be back shortly ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re still hard at work behind the scenes. I managed to grab about 3 hours sleep (not three hours straight through, but basically 3 hours where I blacked out enough that I’m going to call it sleep).

Things are progressing on the database and we are working on other issues as well right now simultaneously.

We are aiming for mid-day west-coast (USA) time for the site to come back online, and while it could be sooner, I want to warn everyone that it very easily could take longer depending on how everything goes.

Right now, we aren’t anticipating any issues that will cause major delays.

-Piper, Cat, Erin and the BigCloset Band

TopShelf is closed while we upgrade the software. This shouldn’t take more than…oh, maybe most of a day? Two days? Frankly, we’re not sure. Check back here now and then for progress reports.


Erin, Piper and Cat