Work on the LGT site has stalled once again.

Partially due to waiting for new software for a bit, but also because I had to do a lot of server work lately.

Firstly there was the rocky upgrade that caused us to move from Amanda, to Amanda2, to Amanda3 (server names).

Then there was the OS and Software upgrade of another server I manage for someone else. Which actually helps me pay for our primary server.

So I’ve had a lot of good excuses.

I have done some good work in my opinion on skinning a “Joomla” version of the LGT site should in fact we choose to go with the Joomla/eFiction bridge, so the fact that PHP-Fusion/eFiction bridge is already themed no longer makes a big difference. I was able to mostly duplicate the style of the PHP-Fusion theme in the Joomla theme for those that have seen one or the other, or both…

Once the j!fiction (Joomla/eFiction bridge) is installed and running I will let a larger group of “alpha testers” in to view the sites to see what others think of each offering.

N-E-Ways, that’s the news for now.

Oh, for those that haven’t noticed I installed new submission/advanced search forms @ TGFiction.Net that were a work product of code I wrote for LGTales, so the new site is definitely helping the old sites TOO!

-Piper/Kirstyn Amanda Fox/PiggilyTails